Corporate Services

Company Registration

Registering a company with the Maltese Registry of Companies requires various planning and collation of documentation. Antelope Group can assist you by handling the process from start to finish. Our experience in the matter will make sure the registration process of your new company goes along smoothly and efficiently.

Back-office services

Whether it is a group of companies, a partnership or a branch or any other entity, no client is too big or too small for us to handle.  We will take care of all aspects of the operations in Malta including maintaining regular financial records and compliance with local Employment, Income tax and VAT regulations.  Together we will ensure that your Maltese venture operates as smoothly as possible.


The Maltese branch profits of a company registered overseas, but carrying business from Malta will benefit from the same fiscal regulations as normal Maltese companies.

Whichever structure is used Antelope Services provides a comprehensive service, tailor-made to each client’s requirements.

Redomicilation of companies

Maltese company law rules provide for the redomiciliation of companies into and out of Malta.  Since the introduction of these provisions, Malta has seen a number of property holding companies which have continued their existence to Malta.

This redomiciliation process also works smoothly in the regulated sectors, where for example trust companies or funds have relocated lock stock and barrel from an unregulated environment to Malta an EU member state without any negative impact on investments or property held.